Finding Balance

After a particularly challenging midterm review, I was happy to stop at Frazier Terrace on Wednesday (October 19) to check out Fresh Check Day, a first-time event organized by Residence Life, Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Services and the Wellness Task Force.

A relaxed and positive energy permeated the event, which included students representing a wide range of campus clubs and resources. SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education), the Queer Student Alliance, RISD Feminists, ISE Cultural Programmers, Resident Advisors and Project LETS hosted booths featuring peer-to-peer messaging focused on wellness and self-care.

In one simple activity, participants exchanged anonymous words of encouragement written on Post-It notes. I got “You’re gonna do great in your next crit,” which was much appreciated.

Another exercise reminded students old enough to drink alcohol to drink (and pour) responsibly. It challenged us to pour a one-ounce shot of liquor while wearing goggles that simulate intoxication.

Other activities focused on mental health awareness, sexual assault prevention, healthy body image, self-appreciation and camaraderie. Within 20 minutes, I got a quick massage, enjoyed a cup of tea and a delicious taco and went back to my life feeling refreshed and (practically) stress-free.


This blog post was originally published on the Rhode Island School of Design blog.

Anina Major