Cultural Topography, 2014

Cultural Topography explores the complexities of identity. The subject of the film is a series of unique, ceramic discs bound by wire to symbolize the ethnic tensions that exist amongst diverse entities. The fused elements of clay and glass are continuously washed over by waves during the early morning hours. Spanning the shoreline it defines a place of remembering and forgetting, when the water and sand pools into the shallow bowls a sense of possibility is eclipsed and is only recovered through the exposure of the water receding. The act serves as a metaphor for the ongoing, timeless nature of defining culture while simultaneously acknowledging individuality. The viewer is invited to examine the ipseity of each disc closely and the unity of the piece from afar within a serene environment.

Earthenware clay, stoneware clay, wood, glass
60x24x24 inches (Exhibit installation view)
Accompanying Video Duration: 1 minute