The Rhythm of Hybrid Interactions, 2019

To trace, connect and comprehend the movement of self across boundaries within this world, inevitably influences our concept of self. In the formation of identity, the expansion of our narrow understandings of self offers lessons in unresolved tensions of belonging. Layered personal investigations into history, memory, temporality and aesthetics often transcends beyond diaspora borders. Contemplating the ways in which inherited craft embodies culture and the act of making contributes to thoughts of belonging, I carry forward the plaiting taught by my grandmother and the universal languages of weaving learned along my journey. The weaving traditions based on anthropological research, as well as contemporary practices employed reflect on migration, national identity and agency through materiality. By uncovering connections among geographically and culturally distinct places, I dismantle and rebuild commonplace understandings that compose our sense of community. Tapestries act as subjective record keeping and sculptural objects hold tradition and transformation by absorbing and processing the world around me. Each captures the essence of human connections through shared experiences by honoring ancestral legacies and celebrating the poetics of inter-cultural relations.